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“You don’t need a 30-year mortgage to own a house.”


Louis’s Tiny House story starts in 2015. He was offered the opportunity to travel to California and built his first Tiny House there.

After returning to his home country and having tasted the freedom of living by himself, he started to build his own Tiny House, in his cousins back yard.

It only took a few weeks to get inquiries from major press organizations and a few interviews later, he started a company in designing and building Tiny Houses. The first of its kind in the entire country.

Tiny House Belgium went on to becoming one of the major players in the European Tiny House building market and is still operational today.

Louis sold the business in January 2017 to pursuit his dream of moving to New York City. If you want to find out more about what Tiny House Belgium, click the button below.


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 Where it all started…

The California Tiny House is where my Tiny House journey started. I had a dream, a dream to go to the United States. And while I’d been there once before, I’d never really spend time there. So in 2015, a few months after my first ever trip to the United States (NYC specifically), I found people in The Netherlands who were kind enough to let me stay with them in their second home in Weed California, in exchange for building them a Tiny House.

I had never heard about Tiny Houses before, but I did have some experience in building sheds, carports, furniture, home-renovation, etc. So I thought if I’d put all my experience together, this project would probably end up looking something like a house, which it did.

My own little abode

After my trip to California, and a couple of months of going to University, I wanted my own little house. Once you taste the freedom of living by yourself, especially in another country, it’s very hard to go live with your parents again. So I started building my own Tiny House in my cousins backyard.

Never could I have guessed how much people would like that. When sharing these pictures on social media, it didn’t take long to get press attention and ultimately leads for building Tiny Houses for other people.

Tiny House Belgium

So a couple of months after starting on my own Tiny House build, I started Tiny House`Belgium. A Tiny House design and Construction company.

I sold the company one year later to Arno Geunes, who’s still running the company today. If you want to know more, click the button below.


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