My Story

Great things never came from comfort zones.


Louis De Keyser was born in a small city in Ghent, Belgium on April 25th, 1998. Fast forward 10 years, him and his parents decide to move to a little town called Maldegem, where he discovers his passion for Woodworking.

In the next following years, he would go on to building wooden structures like: Custom kitchens, sheds, carports, wooden houses and eventually: Tiny Houses.

In 2015, he build his first Tiny House in Weed, California after which he went on to start a company back in his home country Belgium called: Tiny House Belgium.

With Tiny House Belgium, Louis was the first to introduce and built Tiny Houses in the country and sold the company successfully in January 2017.

In pursuit of his dream of moving and living in New York City, Louis got deeply involved in the NYC startup community in industries like:

Coliving, Social Media Marketing, Real-Estate, Retail, co-working, graphic and interior design, and more.

Right now, Louis goes back-and-forth between Toronto and New York City to work on his next business idea.

Louis De Keyser