Ann Van Halewyck

I met Louis during one of his trips in New York. His vision, ambition and professional track record was quite impressive considering his young age. Louis is such an energetic and passionate person, is eager to learn and has an open vision on the world and different cultures. I'm sure he will take on every opportunity and will turn it into a success story! Keep rocking!

Web: www.annvanhalewyck.com


Francisco Gallego

I had the pleasure to meet Louis in New York during one of his longer stays in 2017. He is talented, full of ideas and determined to pursue his dream of moving to the City one day. I am positive that he will achieve his goal and on his way he will help his clients reach higher targets. His innovative approach to business and problem-solving skills will take him places.


Jacob Shapiro

Louis' ability to manage Outpost Club's Facebook Page, Blog and Website bring a direct and recognizable value to our organization. Louis creates meaningful, eye-catching content, but is also capable of providing insightful advice that Outpost Club is able to implement. Louis works well in both supervisory and autonomous capacities, and I'm sure our professional relationship will last for a very, very long time.


Chase Hayes

Louis De Keyser is one of the most "down to earth", honest, and hardworking marketing professionals I've ever met. After spending a few months working on projects with him in NYC it was wonderful to know that Louis was always willing to help me as much as I was willing to help him. Louis definitely has a unique approach to writing blogs, promoting and investigating new technologies, and applying an appealing style to anything he reports on or promotes. I would highly recommend asking Louis what he can do for your brand if you need someone with experience, passion, and creativity in marketing.