Project NYC. Discovering the unknown.



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NYC is not a City. It's a world

“I have a Dream. A dream that one day…”

…I can be in the place I feel most alive. A place that inspires me and pushes me to become who I want to be, surrounded by people who are smarter and better than me.

To Learn and be Challenged every day…


The plan to Make it Happen.


Plan A

Go to NYC and figure it out


Status: (Completed)

Plan B

Move to Canada and find a job there that could lead to NYC


Status: (Completed)

Plan C

Find a company in Belgium that wants to expand to NYC and send me to do it


Status: (In Progress)

Plan D

Find a company in London to work for for a year that has an office in NYC and can technically transfer me over.


Status: (Brexit...)


Plan E

Build a business in Belgium myself and expand out to the USA


Status: (In Progress)

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