One Week in New York City

Sunday, October 14th. 8AM Eastern Standard Time. My flight from Toronto touches down at JFK Airport. A few moments later, I get on the ‘airtrain’ from Terminal 4 to the Howard Beach Subway stop. The New York Skyline appears. I start shaking, goosebumps are forming all over my body; I’M BACK!!!!

I’m back in MY CITY! The city of dreams; the city that never sleeps (just like me ;)). With a plan this time. UMS!!!! Or Urban Maker Space. That’s what I want to do; that’s what I’m gonna do. I just need to find that one person who believes in me...

Today, 6 days later, I want to show you what’s been happening and how I’m approaching my next moves. This is definitely the scariest and most uncomfortable time in my life so far, but it’s really just ‘a test’, a test for what’s still to come.

What I’ve been doing

Meetings, meetings, meetings… I strongly believe that whatever it is you want to do, there’s no way you can do it all by yourself; really feeling that I’m only a few steps away from taking UMS to the next level.

Back in Toronto last week, I went through my connection list on LinkedIn - Looked at the people I met in NYC last year and hit up everyone who I thought could be interested in a Maker Space. With my article attached, I sent them a message asking to grab a cup of coffee (which I’ve had a lot off this week 😉) just to go over what it is I want to do in more detail/ask for their feedback/ask if they know anyone I should talk to next.

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I’ve found a property that could be a good fit for UMS, as well as 2 amazing team members (Which I’ll introduce to you later). I’ve perfected my pitch deck, which is linked below, to present to potential investors next week. Now I’m working on two videos who briefly describe the concept. Shout out to Steven Fallz for that idea! One video is targeted towards the user, the other towards the investor.

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Status Urban Maker Space

When I arrived, I had a concept + an operator that can make it happen (me) + a whole bunch of energy, determination and positive energy. But that’s it. I don’t have the financials, or skills for that matter, to pull this off. But I believe that if I find the right people, I can. Below is a simplified version of my Pitch Deck for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. If it’s not displayed properly, you can download it here: DOWNLOAD

What’s next

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about this much publicly yet. But I did want to include it. Basically, there’s a good chance I’ll be in New York City for just a little longer. Toronto, I like you, but I don’t love you. I hope you’ll understand 🙈

I’m working on a plan to stay in Canada indefinitely, make it my ‘temporary home-base’, if you wish. So when I go back to Toronto in a couple of weeks, priority one would be to find a full-time job there and start my application for Permanent Residency in Canada. I’m working on a plan to stay in Toronto for 8 weeks and then come back to New York City in week nine to stay focused on UMS. That way, I can push all my meetings into that one week every two months and I’m still able to work/sustain myself in the process.

For those of you who’re curious, I am self-sustaining myself right now, I have been for quite a while and I want to keep it that way.

About Louis De Keyser

Louis is a 20 year old, in the process of moving from Belgium to his dream city, New York. He was the founder and CEO of Tiny House Belgium, a Tiny House Design and Construction company that focused on promoting the idea of 'smaller living' and 'living life without a mortgage'. He sold his business in January 2017 to pursue his dream of moving to North-America. Right now, Louis lives in Toronto Canada.

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