The year of change (Plans for 2018)

My agenda this year

January 2018 marks the first full year after I quit my own company Tiny House Belgium. The reason I made this decision was that I had this dream, this very persistent dream of moving to New York City. 

New York City (still ;))

I’ve known this for about 4 years now but never acted on this dream until last year. In 2017, I did everything I could to make this dream a reality, and this year, I plan to do the same. Last year, I went to New York City for 6 full months to figure out 2 things: 1. Can I live here? 2. How am I gonna do this? In those 6 months, I got an answer to both of these questions. 1. I would 1000% be able to live there. And 2, well, that’s a longer story. 

I look at this year (2018) as step 2 to my move to New York City and I have a lot planned! On January 22and, I’ll fly back to New York City for one month, to talk to a company that’s interested in hiring me, and to see all my friends of course ;) But because I know getting a work permit in the USA is not the easiest thing in the world, I’m preparing for a plan B. 

Plan B

On February 28th, I’ll fly from New York City to Toronto and I will live there for the next 12 months. I applied for the Working Holiday Visa Which allows young Belgian Citizens (between 18 and 30) to travel to Canada for a maximum of 12 months while having the right to work during your stay with an Open Work Permit. And as of December 22and, I received this Visa! My plan is to stay in Toronto for 12 months and meet as many people as I can trough Internships and Consulting jobs. 

Why Canada?


While in New York City I met a few people from Canada, most of which from Toronto. Toronto is a very interesting city. It’s the biggest city in the country by population with 2.8 million people. It has a big start-up community and is very connected to NYC. One person I met during my last stay in NYC said that Toronto is the ‘last-stop’ for start-ups and businesses in Canada before moving over or expanding to the US market. 

I don’t know how true that is, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough ;) Whatever happens, I’m convinced this year will be one of my best experiences ever so far, and who knows what’ll happen… 

“It might take a year, It might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find it’s way”

About Louis De Keyser

Louis is a 20 year old, in the process of moving from Belgium to his dream city, New York. He was the founder and CEO of Tiny House Belgium, a Tiny House Design and Construction company that focused on promoting the idea of 'smaller living' and 'living life without a mortgage'. He sold his business in January 2017 to pursue his dream of moving to North-America. Right now, Louis lives in Toronto Canada. Stay up-to-date by signing up to my Messenger List!

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