Corporate vs personal branding

And how they could enforce each other

When I started Tiny House Belgium, a company that built, sold and promoted Tiny Houses, I got a lot of attention from digital and traditional media. It all started with the Facebook Page I made that got over a 1000 likes in the first month of it’s existence. Very soon after traditional media like, newspapers, magazines, national news and regional news started picking up on what I was doing and publications helped us to our first clients while also spreading our message of living simpler and smaller. (You can find some of these publications at the bottom of this article).

A big thing I realized is that people resonate with my personal story, not with the companies’s. People didn’t care about how many people worked for me, or how much funding I had or my business plan… They cared about my story and followed me along to see where I would take Tiny House Belgium. Which brings me to my point:

“People buy from people, not from corporations”

It was the fact that I was still young, 18 years old to be specific, the fact that I dropped out of high school to pursue my own woodworking projects, and the fact that I’d already built a Tiny House in California 6 ish months prior to the start of Tiny House Belgium, that people appreciated.

This realization is the bases of where my Digital Marketing Agency will be about. Next to making content for social media accounts of companies, I want to do more.

Let’s reimagine the advertising and marketing space

Here is my vision: I want to connect people with awesome projects, life stories or even “just” big aspirations a chance to build their own personal brand with our practical support using funding from corporations.

Here is what I mean by that: A lot of companies are already aware of the fact that the marketing industry changed and that old practices don’t work as well as they used to. I’m talking about TV ads, newspaper ads, radio ads… While I’m not saying they’re not effective at all, I do believe strongly that social media is a way better road to take.

A lot of people look for “tips” and “tricks” to “hack” their social accounts but I believe the one and only important thing in social media marketing is the quality of your content. That’s where I want to help.

I want to make awesome marketing campaigns and creative content for businesses as well as using that same content to build a personal brand for individuals, so they can go on and pursuit their aspirations in life with their personal brand to back them up.

I want to bring awareness to how valuable social media can be for individuals and businesses. It’s just not been talked about enough how social media can bring positive change in someone’s life or business.

So In short

  • Help individuals set up and build their personal brand

  • Connect businesses with these individuals

  • Create content for the individual and business

  • Build a network of freelancers and later employees to build this content

  • Create original marketing campaigns

  • Build content libraries for businesses

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About Louis De Keyser

Louis is a 20 year old, in the process of moving from Belgium to his dream city, New York. He was the founder and CEO of Tiny House Belgium, a Tiny House Design and Construction company that focused on promoting the idea of 'smaller living' and 'living life without a mortgage'. He sold his business in January 2017 to pursue his dream of moving to North-America. Right now, Louis lives in Toronto Canada. Stay up-to-date by signing up to my Messenger List!

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