About me


I’m 20 years old and recently moved from Belgium to Canada in pursuit off my dream to live in New York City. I previously founded Tiny House Belgium, and am now preparing to start a ‘makerSpace’ called UMS in New York City, expected September 2019.

New Yorker

New Yorker

New York City is the reason I wake up every day. Ever since I visited this city back in 2014, I knew that one day, I would call New York City my home.

Startup guy

Startup Guy

Starting businesses like Tiny House Belgium in, you guessed it, Belgium and now UMS in New York City.



I host a daily VLOG on my Youtube Channel. The goal is to document my journey of starting my business UMS, moving to New York and being a high-school dropout.



Woodworker in hart and soul. Started when I was 9. Built houses, custom kitchen, bathroom, office furniture, sheds, etc.



Looove to travel whenever possible. Mainly focusing on Europe and North-America.