Starting a business in NYC

Dedicated to make it happen.

Louis is an incredibly dedicated person who achieves everything he sets his mind to. Right now, he’s on a journey of moving from Belgium to New York City and he’s figuring out what his next big career move will be.

With his previous startup experience with his company Tiny House Belgium, it’s more then likely that he’ll start a new business again.

Right now, he’s playing around with the idea of starting a maker space called UMS (or Urban Maker Space) that aims to provide the space and the tools to creatives like: woodworkers, metalworkers, artists, etc. for them to ‘make’.

Louis now lives in Toronto, Canada while he’s figuring out what’s next for him in his beloved city: New York City.


Founder and Former CEO of Tiny House Belgium

Louis’s Tiny House story starts in 2015. He was offered the opportunity to travel to California and built his first Tiny House there.


That American Dream.


Tiny House Belgium

Louis De Keyser is the Founder and former CEO of Tiny House Belgium. A Design and Construction company located in Belgium. He sold the business in January 2017 to relocate to New York City.

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Urban Maker Space

Urban Maker Space is a concept Louis’s working on right now. His goal is to create flexible, co-working spaces for woodworkers, metalworkers, artists, etc.

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Every Friday, Louis posts a new, thoughtful article about entrepreneurship, the startup scene, and his adventures in New York City, Toronto, or anywhere else.

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